Over the past years, many assemblies and individuals have sacrificed so much, so that we can carry on with this most important  work. We
have many who are poor in the assembly here in Lutsk, as well as the UCC Ukraine Child Care 100 children and 37 special needs children,
who really depend on us! The aid that you so generously give is most beneficial!
We have a distribution room in the basement of the Gospel Hall which has proved to be a great blessing to us. Many of the believers have
benefitted greatly as well as some homeless people who attend meetings. Ukraine Aid really appreciates your help!
God has graciously answered prayer and we have been able to purchase an orphanage which will be a tremendous blessing in the work.
Rhoda and I have always felt it would be best to own a home and focus on raising the children under our own care. God has opened up the
way for us to achieve this and we are excited. In January we start major renovation work. Find out more information by clicking on the
ORPHANAGE link above.
for 2019
of the 2017 load
We really appreciate all who contributed to enabling us to
receive such a quality load. A Polish company was used in
getting the truck to Ukraine but, due to Ukrainian laws,
this particular truck could go no further than the border.
Once it crossed the border into Ukraine we had to reload
into a Ukrainian truck for the 7 hour journey to Lutsk. This
was unloaded at the Gospel hall, sorted out and the
Humanitarian aid store stocked. Click on the GALLERY on
the right to see photographs of this journey. 
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There are items that are needed for the home which we can source in
Poland and bring across the border into Ukraine, for example beds,
mattresses, kitchen and bathroom equipment. These can all be
purchased in Poland and it would be more financially viable to purchase
as much as possible locally.
How you can help support the work, Press Support.